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Sales Today

Dec 19, 2020

In this episode, Fred speaks to Sales Technologist, Futurist and Author Justin Michael about what we might look forward to in 2021 and beyond... he told me what is happening NOW and it is well worth a listen.
This episode includes:
- McGyver your stack
- Leverage tech to elevate selling
- Beware...

Dec 19, 2020

This episode features Alexander Low who gave some great insights and solid practical advice on what we can use to make our selling more effective.
Alexander is a change consultant focused on delivering revenue, with a background in property and a particular interest in technology.
The episode features:

Dec 12, 2020

'Why? ... Because!'

In this episode I was lucky enough to speak to the founder of SerialTrainer7, Simon Hares.

Simon is an international sales trainer and coach with over 20 years’ experience.

Key points include:

- We are not the centre of a customers life

- Beliefs manifest in conversation

- Don't be a cock!

You can...

Dec 6, 2020

This episode features Michelle Hecht, sales trainer and coach at The Sales Rebellion. With twenty years of corporate sales experience, Michelle has revitalised her career path to pursue coaching and training with a focus on humanism and authenticity.

Key points include: We are emotional but complex creatures, Everything...