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Sales Today

Jan 26, 2023

Louis is pretty straight up with his dislike for boring marketing.


Getting new customers is probably THE most important thing for any business.


But it's not always easy and can be incredibly frustrating.


Every business has wasted time, effort, and money on marketing strategies that get no results.


But some...

Jan 19, 2023

Richard wears many hats which is indicative that he cares deeply about sales and that it is done well.


In this episode we look at the elements of PQ - partnering intelligence - and discuss how it can be used to guide a modern sales approach.


He brings his unique spin to this and shares a number of powerful maxims...

Jan 12, 2023

David's favourite title is actually 'Values Activist' and when you hear him talk this makes sense.


He focuses on values because we are all values-driven.


It's what makes us human.


Understanding human values will absolutely change the way we look at ourselves, the people around us, and those we hope to engage with...

Jan 5, 2023

‘Muddled Mindset’.


This is being misaligned. It can happen at organisation, management and individual level and means that the confusion leads to frustration and wasted effort.


We can counter this by creating better alignment through ensuring clarity within the organisation which allows management to provide...