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Sales Today

Feb 23, 2023

But I have my own special way.


A classic objection poor salespeople make about using process.


Aviv explains that it is not something to be afraid of.


Indeed it should be embraced.


Much about sales process is overcomplicated but really it is pretty simple.


It's about getting results by aligning buyers and...

Feb 16, 2023

What makes you 'swipe right' on sales outreach?


Nadia shares her approach that is proving successful for her.


It is based on taking time to understand the individual and crafting a message that demostrates this and that she is not a robot.


She explains that the human side is important as the message is the...

Feb 9, 2023

Matthew fell into sales and before long he was a top performer at Zoom.


It clicked when he realised that the harder he worked the more money he could earn.


He puts his success down to being able to undertake the same repetitive motions whilst working out how to do more and make it more refined.


Perhaps being a...

Feb 2, 2023

Stuart wrote the book he would have liked to have had in his early years as a salesperson.


Having seen (and made) the mistakes that make the role more difficult he was driven to provide a 'go-to' resource for sales professionals.


The step by step framework is predicated on understanding the challenges a customer has...