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Sales Today

Jun 29, 2023

Some salespeople will miss out.


That is the bold prediction of Moeed Amin and it's hard to argue with his reasoning.


This thinking is based on experience plus a now habitual use of AI to take it to the next level.


Our conversation turns from using these tools not just in sales to all parts of life.


A deliberate...

Jun 22, 2023

What do the top 1%ers do to win more business?


Doug C Brown has studied this and shares the five key elements that anyone can do to be more successful. 


We discuss talking to the actual buyer and saving precious time that can be wasted when ‘happy ears’ are listening to the wrong person.


We also speak about...

Jun 15, 2023

Not generating enough quality leads from your LinkedIn efforts?


Sam Rathling is uniquely placed to help B2B sales professionals build sales pipeline by leveraging her background in Enterprise selling and Corporate Sales and sharing how to use Sales Navigator.


We talk about the fundamentals of using the platform and...

Jun 8, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, commercial negotiation is not about acquiring a toolbox of clever tactics to secure victories.


Rather, it revolves around creating success for oneself without compromising the other party's interests.


Keld Jensen describes the art that involves comprehending the mathematics of negotiation...

Jun 1, 2023

What is holding you back?


There are some common mistakes Shane Ray Martin sees on sales and negotiation. 


When we move too fast, we not only miss things but remove the opportunity to ‘out care’ the competition.


Also, by failing to take time to help customers understand where they are today and want to be in...