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Sales Today

May 25, 2023

Are you scared for your job?


Today salespeople are needed for various types of selling.


Anton Dobrzhanskiy and Miro Putkonen explain how while some types of selling, like transactional, could become obsolete due to AI-driven automation, other types like consultative, solution, and provocative selling might still require human salespeople to understand customer needs, solve unique problems, and challenge customer assumptions.


However, advancements in AI and AGI could potentially allow for the automation of these complex sales processes as well.


There are some uniquely human aspects of sales, such as building relationships, empathy, and understanding customers on a deeper level. 


Trust and rapport are likely to remain important in sales and AI might struggle to replicate this.


Ultimately AI can be used to augment and empower human salespeople, rather than replace them.


For now anyway…


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