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Sales Today

Jan 12, 2023

David's favourite title is actually 'Values Activist' and when you hear him talk this makes sense.


He focuses on values because we are all values-driven.


It's what makes us human.


Understanding human values will absolutely change the way we look at ourselves, the people around us, and those we hope to engage with our work.


We are all driven by what we value.


Think of your values as the GPS system that determines everything you do.


In this episode he talks about his new book and how it helps figure out the people you want to understand, engage, and motivate.


He shares three genius questions that can be used to unlock an individuals core values.


Is it time salespeople stopped talking about ‘need’ and ‘pain’ and even value from a perspective of ROI and focussed on what people really care about?


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Link to David's Book: