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Sales Today

Nov 23, 2023

What happens when you mix an industry giant like Dell Technologies with the infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of Associate Sales Manager, Matt Browning?


You get a captivating conversation that will make your sales gears shift into overdrive.


We've had the privilege of delving deep into the world of sales with Matt, who shares insights from Dell’s unique approach to training, coaching and career growth.


The first few weeks at a new job can be pivotal, but imagine an initial six-week training that is a game-changer.


At Dell, they believe in equipping their employees with a solid understanding of the company's sales approach.


Matt walks us through the core skills imparted during this time, highlighting the balance between providing guidance and fostering an environment for individual creativity.


He shares how these early weeks set the stage for long-term success in sales.


But what about growth? We had an exciting glimpse into Dell’s Next Gen Academy, a three-year wonder designed to nurture emerging sales professionals.


Matt explained the significance of personalised development plans and the advantage of playing to strengths and improving weaknesses. 


Listen in and step up your sales game with this exciting episode.


--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:00:00) - Sales Academy at Dell Technologies

(0:11:58) - Training and Coaching for Sales Improvement

(0:17:12) - Career Growth in Sales and Development

(0:25:08) - Sales Advice and Building a Network

(0:32:39) - Brilliant Insights on Sales Strategies




(0:00:00) - Sales Academy at Dell Technologies (12 Minutes)


This chapter explores the topic of next generation selling with guest Matt Browning from Dell Technologies. Matt, an Associate Sales Manager, emphasises the importance of building confidence and providing exposure for young salespeople in their early careers. The Next Generation Sales Academy at Dell Technologies aims to do just that, by giving associates the skills and experience they need to succeed in the field. Matt also highlights the value of business acumen and hands-on learning in the sales industry. Tune in to learn more about how Dell Technologies is shaping the future of sales.


(0:11:58) - Training and Coaching for Sales Improvement (5 Minutes)


This chapter explores the topics of training and coaching in sales, specifically within the company Dell. We speak with a guest who is a sales manager at Dell and discuss the importance of providing the right tools and materials for employees to be successful in their roles. We also touch on the balance between giving guidance and allowing for individual creativity and innovation. The first six weeks of training at Dell are crucial for new employees to understand the company and its approach to sales, as well as gaining confidence in their skills. The conversation also covers the core skills and fundamentals that are taught during this training period. Overall, this chapter provides insight into the training and coaching process at Dell and how it sets employees up for success in their sales roles.


(0:17:12) - Career Growth in Sales and Development (8 Minutes)


This chapter explores sales training and development for the next generation of salespeople. The hosts share their experience with the Dell Next Gen Academy, a program that offers three years of training and development for young sales professionals. They emphasise the importance of individualised development plans and the benefits of focusing on strengths while improving weaknesses. The chapter also touches on the various career paths available to academy graduates, such as customer success and becoming trainers themselves. Ultimately, the hosts highlight the value of investing in the continuous growth and development of sales professionals.


(0:25:08) - Sales Advice and Building a Network (7 Minutes)


This chapter explores the world of sales and the importance of constantly learning and adapting in this ever-changing field. Our guest, a sales professional, shares valuable insights and advice for those starting out in sales. They emphasise the importance of having fun, trying new things, building a network, and getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. We also touch on the use of AI in sales and the benefits of seeking different perspectives and advice from others. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights for anyone looking to succeed in the world of sales.


(0:32:39) - Brilliant Insights on Sales Strategies (1 Minutes)


This chapter explores collaborative selling with guest speaker Matt. We gain insights on building trust, understanding customer needs, and leveraging technology in the sales process. We also emphasise the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in the ever-changing sales landscape. Tune in for valuable tips and strategies for successful collaborative selling.


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