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Sales Today

Mar 2, 2023

Dr Howard Dover is a seriously busy guy. 


A sales professional, sales coach, database analyst, systems analyst, marketing modeler and university professor all in one.


But as he explains there is work to be done.


We discuss the state of sales and why buying is such a horrible experience for many and where the sales innovation paradox comes from.


Is modern technology ruining us as salespeople and wiping out many opportunities before they even start? 


But more importantly do companies care?


We wonder whether 'good enough' will do for many as despite poor customer centricity targets can be hit through brute force.


Despite a seemingly bleak outlook there is a glimmer of hope as he describes how some organisations buck the trend and become the places employees will never leave, plus a new generation of genuinely disruptive salespeople emerging.


Are you happy with 'good enough'?


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