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Sales Today

Nov 16, 2023

Is it possible that ethical selling can help you foster customer loyalty, increase referrals, and ace long-term success?


Join me as I dissect these fascinating queries. We'll explore the potential benefits and inherent challenges of ethical selling, highlighting its importance in creating genuine and meaningful business relationships.


The discussion takes a deep-dive into the fascinating realm where ethics meet sales, touching on how this approach can enhance employee morale and steer your business clear of potential legal pitfalls.


Brace yourself as we shift gears and dive into the concept of maximising performance through continuous improvement.


I'll show you how to secure marginal gains and leverage these to differentiate your business from the competition.


Listen in and get ready for a fresh perspective on modern selling techniques, spiced up with insightful advice, real-world examples, and thought-provoking discussion.


No matter who you are, if you're involved in sales, this episode has something for you.


 --------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:00:00) - Benefits and Challenges of Ethical Selling

(0:11:08) - Maximising Performance Through Continuous Improvement



(0:00:00) - Benefits and Challenges of Ethical Selling (11 Minutes)


We explore how sales professionals can use ethical selling to create meaningful business relationships and long-term success. We discuss how it can help build customer trust, loyalty, and referrals, and how it can be used to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. We also look at how this can help with employee morale and help avoid legal risks. Lastly, we discuss why some people may be resistant to embracing ethical selling, such as focusing on short-term goals or feeling pressure to meet targets.


(0:11:08) - Maximising Performance Through Continuous Improvement (1 Minutes)


We discuss how to make the most of marginal gains and differentiate your business from the competition. We bust the myth around perceived complexity and how ethical selling can be beneficial to customers, the broader community, and your business.



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