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Sales Today

Nov 9, 2023

Welcome to this episode with founder and investor Jason Graystone who talks about the significance of ethical business practices.


Jason brings to light the power of passion and genuineness in sales and how it can result in long-term financial success.


His discussion emphasises the importance of creating value for customers who genuinely need the product, and why it's crucial to avoid feelings of guilt or shame when selling.


Discover how an ethical approach to business not only benefits customers but also has the potential to reward businesses.


We continue the conversation with a deeper exploration of ethics and the market.


Jason elaborates on why some individuals may choose not to make ethical decisions when selling a product and points out possible psychological factors.


He underlines the importance of believing in the product you're selling and the necessity of staying specialised to avoid dilution in the marketplace.


Listen to his fascinating take on how the market can humble us, serving as a self-equilibrating force.


As we wrap up this episode,  Jason underscores the need to understand and align with customer values for effective product sales.


He digs into the psychological motivations behind unethical sales decisions, and how urgency and scarcity can be valuable tools in drawing customers.


Remember, understanding your customers' values is pivotal when selling a product! If you want to take your sales approach up a notch,


We guarantee this episode is filled with compelling insights that will transform your business approach from the ground up!



--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:00:00) - The Importance of Ethical Business

(0:07:45) - Ethics and the Market

(0:20:33) - Ethical Selling and Building Value





(0:00:00) - The Importance of Ethical Business (8 Minutes)


Jason Graystone, founder and investor, shares his experience of seeing people's eyes light up when he talks about the success he's had in business. He explains why it's important to have an ethical approach to sales and why it's essential to provide value to people who really need it. He also discusses why it's important to avoid feeling guilt or shame when selling and how being genuine and passionate about what you're talking about can lead to more money in the long term. We explore how ethical business practices can benefit both customers and businesses. We also discuss the importance of being humble and altruistic to sustain success in the market.


(0:07:45) - Ethics and the Market (13 Minutes)


Jason shares his thoughts on why some people may not make the ethical choice when it comes to selling a product, and the deep-rooted psychological issues that could be a factor. He discusses why it's important to believe in the product you are selling and emphasises the need to remain specialised and not get diluted in the marketplace. The concept of the market humbling us can be seen as a way of self-equilibration.


(0:20:33) - Ethical Selling and Building Value (14 Minutes)


Understanding the values of your customers is essential when selling a product. Matching the customer's needs with your product can create a lasting relationship. Tapping into the core needs and values of the customer can make a sale a no-brainer. Urgency and scarcity can be used to get the customer into the product. It is important to get a job doing something you love and to profile customers based on their values.


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