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Sales Today

Apr 21, 2022

Minson’s life pivots around negotiation. He believes that negotiation is fundamentally human interaction. This means that every conversation happens because people want or need something from one another, whether this is consciously, subconsciously, verbally, or nonverbally. Therefore, he believes it can be synonymous with conversation, persuasion, and conflict resolution. Despite still being a university student, he is purpose driven. He explains that today's world is filled with hate and violence because leaders, groups, and individuals around the world fail to communicate. Or, if they do, it's to manipulate, threaten, or hurt and by teaching the young to negotiate, we can solve the world’s biggest problems decades before they even occur. That is why he’s dedicating his life to teaching, speaking about, and diffusing the art of negotiation. If human conflict is inevitable, and we expect to have tense social, institutional, and political conflict in the future, then why do we have to wait till then to give people the tools necessary to fix them? Whilst what he talks about is relevant in the commercial world it goes way beyond that.

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