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Sales Today

Dec 22, 2022

‘Busy Busy Busy’ . This is being ineffective. It results in wasted opportunities, is tiring and stressful and means the focus is on the wrong activities to deliver results.


We can counter this by preparing to make the most of opportunities, planning to balance work to reduce stress and using process to focus on the right activity.


The top salespeople will also work on their mindset and approach customers thinking like a partner.


They can use the elements of PQ or partnering skills in the way they work. PQ is made up of:


Ability to trust. Do you give people your trust, or do they have to earn it?


Win-win orientation. Do you employ a problem-solving approach that creates wins for all concerned? Comfort with interdependence. Can you allow your partners to accomplish their assigned activities, even if they don’t do it the way you would?


Self-disclosure and feedback. Can you easily disclose and articulate your needs, as well as express your appreciation or disappointment?


Comfort with change. Are you comfortable changing not just the status quo, but your own status quo?


Future orientation. Do you look to the future rather than the past in evaluating your business relationships?


This is part of developing a collaborative selling approach.


How do you think about your customers?


(Originally presented as part of the 'How to modernise your sales without losing the human touch' series)



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