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Sales Today

Jan 5, 2023

‘Muddled Mindset’.


This is being misaligned. It can happen at organisation, management and individual level and means that the confusion leads to frustration and wasted effort.


We can counter this by creating better alignment through ensuring clarity within the organisation which allows management to provide better coaching.


This in turn confirms for individuals that their approach is consistent with top performance.


Core to this is having a solid framework.


The VALUE Framework encourages sales team to consider each part of their selling.


Validate - How to check fit for doing business.


Align - How we can prepare to work together.


Leverage - How to use insights to have intelligent discussions.


Underpin - How to present, prove and agree.


Evolve - How to develop the business.


Ad hoc random selling activity is not an option for those seeking sales success in an increasingly confusing world.


Are you clear on how you will operate to be relevant for all parties?


Take the scorecard: