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Sales Today

Sep 21, 2023

Join us as we explore the essential aspects of sales and effective communication with guest, Rana Salman, CEO of Solman Consulting and author of Sales Essentials.


We discuss the importance of understanding your product, preparing for conversations, and utilising efficient tools like LinkedIn to connect with potential clients.


Discover how to build credibility, ask the right questions, and create meaningful relationships that can help you win business in today's competitive environment.


Rana shares her knowledge about the significance of the human element in sales, the necessity of being patient, actively listening, and sharing insights during sales conversations.


We also discuss the importance of collaboration in sales, understanding your customer's needs, and acting as a trusted advisor.


If you're looking to improve your sales skills, gain valuable insights, and learn how to adapt to today's business landscape, this episode is a must-listen!


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(0:00:00) - Sales Essentials and Effective Communication

(0:14:23) - Being Human in Sales

(0:21:46) - The Importance of Collaboration in Sales





(0:00:00) - Sales Essentials and Effective Communication (14 Minutes)


Knowing your product, preparation for conversations, and the use of efficiencies like LinkedIn are essential fundamentals of sales. Building credibility and asking the right questions are important for success. Building meaningful relationships and using virtual selling techniques to win business in today's environment are also key. Taking an outside in perspective when having a business-level conversation with buyers is essential.


(0:14:23) - Being Human in Sales (7 Minutes)


We explore the importance of the human element in sales conversations and how to use that when building trust and rapport with customers. Preparation, understanding your product and utilising tools like LinkedIn are necessary fundamentals of sales. Being patient in conversations, actively listening, sharing insights, and the ability to quickly qualify are essential for creating meaningful connections with customers and providing them with the value they need.


(0:21:46) - The Importance of Collaboration in Sales (15 Minutes)


We take a look at the importance of collaboration in sales and how it can help us build trust and relationships with our customers. We explore how to use hypothesis and preparation to kickstart conversations in a way that helps us identify our customer's needs, and be open to the idea that our customer may have different strategies that we need to be aware of. We also consider how we can use the market to provide customers with the information they need, and act as a trusted advisor to help customers make the right decisions for them.


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