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Sales Today

Apr 13, 2023

What a time to be an AI enthusiast!


Denise has been this for over 15 years and is watching with interest the explosion of attention that artificial intellience has received since ChatGPT hit the world.


We talk about some of the tasks that AI can make more effective including forecasting and lead nurturing and our attention then turns to where we need to proceed with caution.


Will an overuse of this technology lead to robotic outputs?


Might we be unwittingly promoting misinformation from the 'hallucinations' AI is prone to?


We discuss ways to mitigate these risks which revolve around making sure we are deliberate about including the human element in customer interactions to make sure it is clear where the value is coming from.


We wonder if AI has already created some bad human habits that has made individuals reliant on it 'because its easier'.


Thinking from a customer perspective - would you want to hang out with someone like this?