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Sales Today

Mar 30, 2022

Will a RevOps hitman have strong opinions? You’ll see.

Rob Turley thinks, sees, and understands things differently. He is a disruptor in the sales and marketing space whose opinions are often considered unpopular because they shatter the deepest-rooted paradigms. His life goal is to optimize how we connect and do business at a real and human level.

Rob has dedicated his career to destroying the traditional sales and marketing practices by transforming them into high-precision processes, both effective and optimized.

He talks about cutting-edge AI technology that works as a hyper-targeting and qualification engine that redefines the meaning of having an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Is it really possible to identify who will resonate with you, your value proposition, and who will most likely become a best-fit customer before engaging with them?

Key insights include:

Avoid brand damage

People based sales

Certainty and skill


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